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Retro Georgia Gems

These are a must for fans of the 1980s

When I first moved to Georgia, I was the most excited for one thing. It wasn’t peaches, pecans or college football. It was…. BABYLAND GENERAL HOSPITAL.

As a child of the 1980s I grew up in the whirlwind that was the Cabbage Patch craze. If I close my eyes, I can still smell the powdery scent of my own beloved red-headed doll, Miranda Nanette.

There was no stronger bond than my love for her and there was nothing more magical in my imagination than a visit to the hospital where she was born. I dreamed of going there like kids dream of going to Disney World.

Well, it took 25 years, but I am here to say dreams do come true.

Below are three places, including Babyland General Hospital where you can relive your childhood, or embrace some retro 1980s vibes. All within 1-2 hours of Atlanta.

300 N.O.K. Drive Cleveland, Georgia

Sitting high on a hill with incredible views of the north Georgia Mountains is Babyland General Hospital. Part "hospital", part museum, part store and all parts fun. Guests can watch a cabbage patch baby be born under the Magic Crystal Tree and even take an Oath of Adoption in one of the adoption offices.

3218 Hamilton Rd, Columbus, GA

Did you know that the largest lunch box museum in the WORLD is located right in Columbus, GA?!

It’s an absolute time capsule of forgotten memories from Strawberry Shortcake to Alf.

2700 Buford Hwy Buford GA

Walking into Skate Country in Buford, GA is like walking through a time machine. The music, the lights, the disco ball… zero has changed. It’s 1989 here and it’s amazing.


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