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Exploring Folk Art Within 2 Hours of Atlanta

Georgia has an incredibly vibrant art scene. From colorful murals to galleries and museums scattered throughout the state, we don't lack for artistic inspiration here. Below are just a few of my favorite gems focused on folk art-- one is actually in Alabama, but it's so unique and close to the state line, I had to include it.

Howard Finster's Paradise Garden

200 North Lewis Street, Summerville, GA

I remember seeing the work of artist and folk legend, Howard Finster on my first trip to the High Museum in Atlanta. When I found out that this Alabama native settled in Georgia and built an entire museum in Summerville, GA I immediately got in the car for a visit.

It’s hard to describe a place like Paradise Garden. It’s like having the privilege, for just a moment, of immersing yourself in someone else’s world and point of view. From the mosaics to the mirrored buildings, there is wonder, layered on top of wonder. This is a must for lovers of folk art and for all those who crave a little bit of whimsy.

1390 Tom Born Road, Clarkesville, GA

You know you’re in for an adventure when you have to “jump the ramp in the Chevron parking lot” to make your way to this outdoor folk art garden. It took us a couple of tries before we felt confident we were on the right road. (Shout out to the kind man in the gas station who pointed us in the right direction.)

The gallery is open by chance or by appointment so if you’re interested in a visit, I recommend reaching out via instagram @worldfamoussamg — you won’t regret it. On our visit we traveled to the future, saw the world’s largest grit and found ourselves surrounded by love.

970 Alabama 169, Seale, AL

Located less than 20 minutes southwest of Columbus, Georgia you will find the world’s first drive-thru art museum in Seale, Alabama.

Started in the 1970s as Butch Anthony’s taxidermy shop, the Museum of Wonder is now a collection of shipping containers filled with art, antiques and some of the most unusual artifacts you will find anywhere including the world’s largest gallstone, because why not?

Check out the story of the Museum of Wonder on — it’s a great read about how Butch went from selling barbecue sandwiches to designing Alabama’s ornament for the White House Christmas Tree.


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