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The Colorful World of Pasaquan

A visit to a one-of-a-kind art experience in Georgia

Last spring we drove the backroads through middle Georgia to visit Pasaquan, a 7-acre visionary art environment located in Buena Vista (between Columbus and Macon). This place had been on my bucket list since I first moved to Georgia and I wish I had not waited so long to visit. It's truly one of the most interesting places I have ever experienced.

The first thing you notice when you arrive is COLOR! Even on an overcast day like the day we visited, it is an absolute kaleidoscope of paint and patterns. The intricacies of the work can not be overstated -- there is not a surface that remains untouched.

This colorful art environment of murals, structures and sculptures was created by a man named Eddie Owens, also known as St. EOM (pronounced Ohm).

A self-taught Southern artist, he had a vision where he was told in a dream "you're gonna be the start of somethin' new, and you'll call yourself 'Saint EOM,' and you'll be a Pasaquoyan - the first one in the world." So in the 19050s's, he embarked on what would become a 30-year journey to build Pasaquan. Sadly, after health struggles including a double bypass that ignited insomnia and depression, he took his own life in 1986.

Upon his death, he willed Pasaquan to the Marion County Historical Society. After changing hands several times, the site is now managed and preserved by Columbus State University in nearby Columbus, GA.

[Source Columbus State University here.]

For a property that began construction in the 1950s you would expect the paint to be fading (especially under the Georgia sun) but it is absolutely vibrant! This is due to the revitalization efforts of the Kohler Foundation and Columbus State University to restore the property.

After 2-years of restoration, the property was gifted to CSU's foundation. Today, CSU faculty, staff, students and alumni continue the impressive conservation efforts to preserve this one-of-a-kind Georgia landmark for future generations to enjoy.

Definitely check out the Columbus State University website here to learn more about St EOM's mission to create a "personal utopia where all cultures and ethnic groups can come together in harmony and connect with the earth and the universe."

It's such a unique story and a truly one-of-a-kind experience!

If you are planning a trip, make sure to check the website for current operating hours and suggested contributions.


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