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New Mystery Road Trip!

Secret envelopes take you on a mini-road trip in North Georgia

This is our second time taking a mystery road trip from GuessWhereTrips (you can read about our first experience here). This time we got a sneak peek of their brand new trip, Mountain Marvels, that had us visiting cute towns and shops, looking for Bigfoot and visiting several places we had never been to before (one of them had me in one state and my kids in another)!

First, how it works... (and trust me, it could not be easier).

  1. Go here. Pick a destination and trip theme based on your interests (movies, food, etc.). (The new Mountain Marvels trip is pictured on this post.)

  2. Receive a perfectly curated road trip with a "Know Before You Go" booklet and 4 secret envelopes that you open throughout the day.

  3. Explore hidden gems & HAVE FUN

It's effortless. Seriously, if you are a planner, when was the last time you got treated to a surprise like this? If you're like me, almost never! You need this in your toolbox. Imagine, you have a free day and instead of spending hours trying to figure out what to do, you have this ready to go. All the work is done AND you get to enjoy it too!

As someone who spends hours and hours planning itineraries, I can't stress how worth it is to have someone else do the work. And it's beautiful. And fun. And introduces you to so many local businesses which is just good for the soul.

Can you tell I am passionate about this?

Here are a few pictures from our Mountain Marvel adventure (without giving too much away). It was a long day, so make sure to leave early and rest up the day before you go! There are so many suggestions and options within the itinerary (you get your money's worth) that you could probably split this into 2 different trips if you wanted to.

The Guess Where packaging is also beautiful. The "Ready for a Road Trip" box (below) is an ad-on option and they have other cute "extras" that you can include which makes this a great gift idea

If you have any questions, let me know or learn more at GuessWhereTrips.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through the link.  This is at NO additional cost to you and helps support the costs to keep this site running. Thank you for shopping through the links, we appreciate your support!

Guess Where sometimes runs promos so use the best one you can find! And if you can't find any, use MAINSTREETS10 for 10% off!


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