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Monastery on a Nature Trail

Enjoy nature and tranquility at this tucked away spot in Conyers, GA

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia is located just 30 miles east of Atlanta on the 9-mile Rockdale River Trail that connects to Arabia Mountain Trail. You can either follow this trial (by bike or foot) or park outside the monastery visitor center and explore the area (and trail) from here.

The grounds are absolutely beautiful and I recommend familiarizing yourself with the map located outside the gift shop so you don't miss anything (like the Magnolia Lane Meditative Walk).

We started and ended our journey at the gift shop where we left with biscotti. I wish I had bought more than one piece as I truly have not stopped thinking about it since I left. The baked goods (including fudge and fruitcake) are all made onsite.

There is a fantastic museum/heritage center that teaches you all about Monastic origins and beliefs.

"The human impulse to find meaning is universal. Older than any religion, this urge knows no geographic boundaries yet it shapes our world. Monks, including those at this monastery, live a particular expression of this deep need. " - Monastery of the Holy Spirit 

In addition you'll learn about how the monastery was built (with concrete and all by hand) and about the beautiful stained glass (it wasn't always blue). You'll also learn about the monks daily lives and routines.

The Abby Church is a breathtaking example of gothic architecture stripped down to its most simplistic form. You can't help but stand in awe of the structure, the patterns and strength that it exudes. The way the light from the stained glass dances on the polished concrete floors is absolutely breathtaking.

"Monks were among the first builders to realize that architecture could reflect a lifestyle. They consciously formed their environment to further their way of life. Today, visitors to the Monastery can clearly see architectural details that enhance the Cistercian approach to life.

One of the main functions of Cistercian art and architecture has always been to discourage emotional, irrational reactions and to encourage a sense of composure." - Monastery of the Holy Spirit 

Guests are welcomed and encouraged to visit and to enjoy the wonderful opportunity to observe silence in the abbey, prayer gardens and meditative walk.

Donations are welcome. Don't leave without biscotti.


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