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A Nature Reset at Getaway Chattahoochee

The best vacation is the one where you do everything... and nothing at all.

As the mother of three teenagers I am always looking for unique ideas to help slow time down a little. So, when I had the opportunity to stay in a tiny cabin in the North Georgia mountains, I jumped at the chance and invited one of my daughters to come along.

We knew the cabin came with a Cellphone Lockbox so we decided to take advantage and go phone-free for 3 days (with the exception of taking pictures). I planned a lot of local outdoor activities to keep us busy, all of which are listed below. The best part though, was just being silly in the cabin, playing card games, roasting marshmellows and just being unplugged together.

Disclaimer: This content was created in partnership with Getaway House Chattahoochee, and the accommodation was provided for. We appreciate Getaway's support for this page!

Left to right: The Costello cabin at Getaway Chattahoochee in Suches, GA, the Cellphone Lockbox included in the cabin, interior of the cabin with 2 queen beds, small kitchen and bathroom.

1. Swimming Hole

Sea Creek Falls (part of Cooper Creek Wildlife Area)

I love the idea of a swimming hole and this one was really close to the cabin (about 20 minutes away). I thought it would be hard to find so I used this YouTube video to help me locate it but my GPS took us right there (tip: when you get to the parking area take the small path on the left not the larger path on the right that goes over a creek). This isn't a true swimming hole as the water is too shallow unless you are right at the base of the falls but it is a great place to splash around or bring a picnic. We loved the waterfall backround and easy walk from the parking area. (please note you will need to drive down a dirt road to get here but it's a short, easy drive).

2. Hiking

Preacher's Rock from Woody Gap

I can't believe I have lived in Georgia for over 10 years and never hiked to Preacher's Rock before this trip! I've heard about the incredible views and seen people post about it but never made the trek. Since our tiny cabin was only about 15 minutes away, I knew this was our moment! Being so close meant we could hike early in the morning and enjoy some solitutde on the trail, which was amazing. To get here we parked at the Woody Gap Trailhead parking lot and hiked about 1-mile to the top. It's a moderate hike with a little climbing at the end but totally worth it for this stunning view.

3. Waterfall + Lake Swimming

Trahlyta Lake Trail at Vogel State Park

We spent a lot of time at Vogel State Park during our getaway! There is a lot to do here, you can swim in the lake, rent paddle boats, play a round of mini golf or do some hiking. We opted to do the Trahlyta Lake trail which is an easy 1-mile loop with a waterfall and a spectacular view of the lake and mountains. My daughter's favorite part of the trip was swimming in the lake after our hike.

4. Picnic

Sunrise Grocery + Vogel State Park

We packed some sandwiches and stopped by the adorable Sunrise Grocery, which has been in the same Blairsville location since 1920, to pick up drinks and extra snacks. My daughter and I have a shared passion/obsession for pickles so we had to get some to add to our picnic. We had intended to picnic creekside at Reece Farm & Heritage Center but it was closed during our visit so instead we headed back to Vogel State Park and found the perfect quiet spot by the lake.

5. Unique Shopping

Mountain Crossings on the Appalacian Trail

I love this store in Georgia located on mile 30 of the Applacian Trail. The view from the balcony and the old stone building alone are worth the stop but they also have everything you need for outdoor adventures from food supplies to hiking gear. And don't forget to look up at the shoe tree -- tossing your boots in the air is a celebratory tradition after finishing the trail! This is such a unique Georgia gem!

Any time that I can spend with my kids is a good time but when it's time spent in nature and a little off-the-grid, it just feels better. If you're looking for a spot to recharge, unplug and reconnect with someone you love (or even yourself) you can't go wrong with a tiny cabin in North Georgia.

Thank you again Getaway House Chattahoochee for sponsoring my trip and for all the memories!



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